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Only a Couple Casting Spots Left!


Filmmaker searching for families willing to participate in a new documentary titled, 'Children of Disease'.

The film will share the stories of five chronically ill parents as they struggle simultaneously to battle illness, and raise children of varied ages. The film will also feature experts in the field of child development, as well as therapists and doctors.

The term, ‘child of disease’ refers to a child whose parent(s) was diagnosed with a chronic illness anytime before the child turned 16. These children witness their parents become ill and stay ill long term, a heartbreaking experience that one should not have to face until well into adulthood. Many of these children are introduced to illness at such a young age that it inevitably shapes them. They may act out, withdraw, experience anxiety and depression, develop physical health issues themselves, or simply have their world view altered in an unhealthy and isolating way. Parents diagnosed with chronic illness often struggle with feelings of helplessness and distress in regards to their children’s well-being.

If you are a ‘child of disease’ or a parent with disease, we want to hear your story, whether you are newly diagnosed or have been battling illness for many years. Contact us for the chance to join the mission to unite the families struggling with illness and the heartbreak it often brings. Help us create a support system for families and ‘children of disease’ to come.

*The filmmaker creating this documentary is a child of disease, all families will be treated with compassion and respect. The ultimate goal is to bring awareness to children and families who are living these experiences, not to exploit families going through tough situations. That being said, all effected family members must be willing to appear in the film and share their stories openly and honestly. If you are unsure about participating but would like more information, please contact us.

*Anyone within the United States can apply

If you are interested in participating in the filming of this project please contact us (message us on Facebook or email us) with:

o First and last names of all family members

o Your family’s story, from diagnosis to present day, include any experiences you find of note

o Current ages of all family members as well as ages when the parent(s) was diagnosed

o Parent(s) diagnosis

o At least one family photo/photos of the individual family members

*All participants must be able to prove their story with medical records (medical records will not be used or shown to anyone other than the casting director)

*Images property of VanDerland Productions*

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