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Meet the professionals

We are honored to be able to feature in this film the following professionals, they represent the few organizations and individuals that are actively supporting families impacted by parental illness. They share our goal of educating parents with disease and supporting 'Children of Disease'.

Wonders & Worries

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Wonders & Worries provides free, professional support for children and teenagers through a parent’s serious illness. 


Wonders & Worries ensures that children and teenagers can reach their full potential, despite a parent’s serious illness. Their professional child life staff provide tools for families to build a solid foundation of communication to successfully cope.

Visit their website to learn more about their services:

Rebecca B. skolnick ph.d.

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Rebecca Skolnick is a licensed clinical psychologist and Co-founder of MindWell NYC. In addition to her expertise as a psychologist Rebecca has had her own experience as a 'Child of Disease'. Just a few months after Rebecca was born her mother was diagnosed with Scleroderma, a chronic connective tissue disease.

Rebecca offers the expertise of a therapist, giving advice to parents on how best to guide their children through a parent's serious illness while also sharing her story of growing up with a chronically ill mother.

Read the article written by Rebecca and her mother:

"Helping Your Child Cope with a Chronically Ill Parent"

Visit the MindWell NYC website

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